Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Whiney post day

Klepsacovic has decreed this whiney post day, but unfortunately I haven't got much to whine about. I even joined a PUG that completed RFC successfully (rarer than you might think) - there was crowd control and everything! Even better, the re-taking of Echo Isles has started to go official. Dat be good news fa all us Darkspear.

I suppose I'd better make more of an effort. How about this?
Water! Blizzard, will you please at least go to the trouble to make mage water as good as the shop-bought stuff for levels x5-x9? It's only useful for half the levels you go through. If you're going to make us vending machines, at least expand our stock beyond a 3 year old flat bottle of IrnBru. What do you think I am, some kind of warlock?
Oh, and combine it with the food, like you do at higher levels. Pretty please? How about whaaaaaa?
FailPUG - turning water into whine since 2010!

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