Saturday, 24 April 2010


I've just listened to Totalbiscuit's latest podcast and the core of the show was a long rant about how bored he is with WOW at the moment. Apparently Blizzard aren't producing enough content for him and what's there is too easy. So easy, in fact, that only a handful of guilds in the whole world have finished ICC on 25-man hard mode. That's what? About a hundred people out of the 12 million that play WOW, or 0.001% of the player base.  Clearly far too easy.

For a man who is continuously complaining about people who think they are entitled to get something from the game, he's remarkably vocal about his own entitlement.

Blizzard's job isn't to funnel all their efforts into entertaining a small group of hardcore raiders whilst abandoning the rest of the player base, it's to provide a broad range of content for everyone. Other games have tried the hardcore approach, of course. The massive revenues and total market domination abject failure of Vanguard shows how well that works.

If you're bored with WOW (or anything else in life for that matter), there's a simple solution. Go do something else. Don't just sit there whining about it. Play a different game or, perish the thought, walk away from the computer and go outside. The world is full of interesting plays, books, films & places to visit.

Complaining about being bored is annoying enough coming from children. It's ridiculous coming from adults.

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