Monday, 17 May 2010

Uncommon people

Gevlon and his Undergeared team have now downed Marrowgar in only blue gear. This is an incredible achievement considering how few people have done it even with T9 epics raining from the skies. I suggest you all keep a copy of the link to reply to the next request for gearscore / achievement links when you wish to raid.


  1. how few people have done it even with T9 epics raining from the skies

    98% of the guilds tracked by have downed Marrowgar 10.

  2. (used for compatibility with earlier posts), states that 57% of guilds have downed Marrowgar 10, which is less than the number who have completed Naxx-10 or Coliseum-10, and corresponds to about a third of players, i.e. two thirds haven't managed it, even with "welfare epics".

    I'm not sure why Guildprogress has such different figures to Wowprogress - if you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.

  3. Guildprogress is tracking many more guilds (nearly 140K, vs. about 51K for wowprogress). Many of the extras may be dead or moribund.

  4. Thanks for that info. It seems that Wowprogress may be more active in "pruning" dead guilds - it also covers data from Korea, which I don't think GuildProgress does, which probably explains the differences in numbers.

    Using Wowprogresses's numbers gives us an even smaller number of players who have completed Marrowgar. It lists 50595 guilds as having completed it, which, using the (rather generous) methods I used before, suggests that only 21% of the overall player base have downed him.

    I guess that goes to show how big the error bars are on any of the estimates involved.