Sunday, 11 July 2010

Colin Firth sunday

Especially for Issy & Pilf:

Curses! Foiled again!


  1. Dear Sven

    “You have delighted us long enough.”

    Thank you for the effort you made on behalf of both Issy and myself. I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say that your efforts are appreciated (though I'm sure Issy will give you her view as well.)

    I'm sorry you were unable to find a suitable picture for your blog - I wonder, darling, if you are quite au fait with the definition of ugly - maybe I can assist you with further searches by suggesting you add:

    to your bookmarks - this would then enable you to be clear about words and hopefully this type of confusion will not arise again. Please ensure that next Sunday you search for "Colin Firth Mr Darcy" and you will have many, many options to choose from. As an alternative Sunday post, in case you feel the need for variety, could I also suggest the following as suitable image search terms:

    "Viggo Mortensen"
    "Sir Patrick Stewart"
    "George Clooney"

    I'm sure that you can see a common theme emerging...

    Many thanks for your kind assistance with this matter,

    Pilf xxx

  2. Dear Sven

    I hate you. Really, I do.

    How long did you have to search for that picture? Or did you spend the morning with photoshop and coding? Whichever it is, you've made me cry. Feel bad. Feel very, very, very bad, because you are a BAD man.

    No love at all, ever again, not never (unless somehow you redeem yourself!)

    Sad Pilf