Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Unprepared for the life of a ruler

Some of the kindly folks at MMO Champion have posted screenshots from the PTR covering the moment when Thrall appoints Garrosh leader of the Horde.

It's all a bit strange to me - who's been teaching Garrosh all those long words and humility? It's either just incredibly lazy writing on Blizzard's part (another personality change for Garrosh *sighs*) or something sinister is going on. None of this conversation seems to match the Garrosh we know from Cataclysm.

So what's going on? Is he possessed by some sinister external force at the time the conversation takes place, or is this the "real" Garrosh and the testosterone-fueled halfwit from Cataclysm the plant? I do hope there will be some rational explanation for this at some point.


It seems Garrosh does have some fans. Even I smiled at this one!


  1. Totally agree with you here. I thought parts of the Garrosh conversation that showed a more respectful, serious side were actually fine - despite his bluster, he isn't some rebel just out to stir up trouble for trouble's sake; I think Garrosh honestly does care about, honour and respect the Horde and wants them to succeed. I think this is still in-character for him, just a side we haven't seen before.

    However, that part about capturing cultists who are speaking out against the Horde? Yeah, I don't see that happening with Garrosh. EVER. I sure hope they haven't just completely added new personality traits that change who Garrosh is, without actually showing why he is now this more level-headed ruler. That would be very sloppy.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think this conversation takes place five years into the future, so maybe Garrosh has learned some manners.

    Or, maybe the first guess is correct and we're seeing Blizzard's chainsaw-like subtlety on display yet again. :)

  3. Could you please explain that last comment, Grimmtooth? Five years into the future from when? As I understand it, this is the moment when Thrall leaves just pre-Cataclysm in search of help against rampaging elementals. That's in the near future in game terms.

  4. There has been some mutterings about Cataclysm being set five years from now, due to some comments a quest giver makes and the age of Varian's son (mid teens by the look).

    As for the conversation, yeah, I'm a little disappointed. I want Garrosh to be hated by Horde and Alliance alike, leaving plenty of room for Thrall's triumphant return.