Tuesday, 23 November 2010

20 days of Warcraft - favourite emote

Coming from an RP-server, I've had occasion to use most of the built-in game emotes from time to time. But most of the time, they're too basic a tool for what I'm trying to convey. For example, /kiss doesn't tell you what kind of kiss it is - is it a peck on the cheek, an insincere air-kiss or a passionate snog.

That's why my favourite emote is ... /emote itself. With that, I can communicate greater nuances of meaning than a basic emote. Sven smiles coldly says something completely different to Sven smiles warmly or Sven smiles through the tears.

With /em , it's possible to say things without speaking, much as actors use their expressions and body language to convey mood. /dance just makes your character dance on screen; Sven dances with technical perfection, but without passion conveys volumes about your character and his emotional state.

The great thing about /em is that it can be used to add layers of characterisation in almost very RP situation. It's that flexibility that makes it so powerful.


  1. "Sven dances with technical perfection, but without passion" = you're doing it wrong ;)

  2. There's a broker plugin thingy for emotes?! :O Thankyou so much :D
    /emote itself is awesome, but it takes a while to type out a whole descriptive sentence... the short commands are pretty handy if you need to be quick or miss the moment.