Sunday, 28 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - what class & race are you most like in real life?

This is a bit of a tricky one. If it was about which class / race combo I'd *like* to be IRL, I'd have no trouble; that would be troll shaman. I'd love to be as cool & dangerous as a troll, and ankh and astral recall sure would prove handy. Even I could manage to avoid dying IRL more than once an hour, so I'd effectively be death-proof.

In my more crotchety moments, I'd like to be a forsaken afflock, bringing slow, agonising death to those who cross me. Boring presentation? Haha! Curse of tongues! Spy a smug-looking jogger out of my window on a winter morning? Haha! Curse of exhaustion! Annoying people getting in my way in a supermarket? Fear should do the trick!

Unfortunately, the question is about what I'm really most like. The sad truth is that I'm closer to being a follower of The Way of Rincewind than the Way of the Warrior, so melee classes are right out. I tend to solve problems with my head, so mage seems the closest fit. As for race, I'd say gnome, but that would leave me a little ... short. So I'll go for three drunken gnomes standing on each other's shoulders to try to get into a bar. That's about right height-wise, plus it has the requisite level of coordination and balance.


  1. Ever so slightly dyspraxic sweetie? /soothe...

  2. rawr, kind of liking the idea of 3 for the price of one though ;)

  3. hmmmm....I am not that atlhetic and strong, but I am not so scared anyways. I won't go for a warrior, since everyone could be that in Real life. grab a sword and attack people.

    Warrior Worgen
    Or a mage worgen / nelf.

    But that's more what I like in the game

    IRL : Worgen Druid.