Friday, 19 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft- favourite class

Ama over at Specced for Drama has an interesting posting challenge here. Essentially, the idea is to answer one of twenty questions each day. The first one seems, at first sight, simple:
Favourite class and why?
Of course, the correct answer should be Shaman. They have so much utility, are deeply tied into the lore and have a unique mechanic in totems. They combine high ranged DPS with heavy armour (glorious for levelling) and have ankhs in case of emergency.

I love druids, too. Heal, tank, ranged and melee DPS in one class, with added stealth and the wonder that is swift flight form.

But ultimately, there's one thing that decides it for me: Zeppelins. I hate 'em. Sitting there waiting for the darn thing to turn up. The second you go AFK, it appears, the second you come back, it leaves.

So ultimately, my favourite class in WOW is mage. No floating about on those goblin death-traps with Arthasdklol for me. Just nice, safe, clean teleporting. It's how travel was meant to be. Compared to waiting for a Zeppelin, being reduced to a bloody stain on the ground by your feeble armour and lack of healing is merely an inconvenience.

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