Friday, 14 January 2011

Nerfbat incoming?

MMO Champion are reporting that Paragon have completed the world first Heroic Kill of Nefarian. What I find interesting about this screenshot is the number of dancing bears at the back. Eleven druids out of a party of 25. Now I love druids, they're a wonderful flexible class that can tank, melee DPS, ranged DPS or heal depending on spec, but 11/25? That suggests a slight imbalance.

I'd suggest all you druids out there get into kitty form and stealth-up quick, before Ghostcrawler finds you.


  1. I find it really interesting how this raidcomp compares with the Lady Sinestra world first. Does the Nefarian fight have mechanics that heavily bias it for Druids, or is it just that stacking Druids in a raid is viable?

  2. As I understand it (not having done the fight myself), the druids were all used to root adds. Eleven lots of CC probably does help!