Saturday, 9 April 2011


I'm currently experimenting with the new Blogsy blogging app for the iPad. The iPad is crying out for a decent piece of blogging software and the app I've been using until now (Blogpress) can be pretty clunky. In theory, Blogsy is much more capable (it's had good reviews), but right now I'm finding it rather counter-intuitive. I can't work out how to save things and the first draft of this post just vanished into the aether when I lent the machine to someone else.

Links also seem to be beyond me. I know it does them, but how? Maybe I'll get the hang of it in time, but I've had to switch to the regular web-browser based Blogger to finish posting about a new blogging app.  Not a good sign...

Update: As you'll see from the first comment below, one of the Blogsy developers has taken the trouble to comment and offer support. That's excellent customer service and suggests a bright future.

Update 2(14/04/11): Blogsy ate another of my posts today, one I'd been working on for days. I honestly can't recommend it in its current state. I do appreciate that the developers are working hard to improve it, but it simply isn't working properly right now.


  1. Hello I'm Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    I'm really sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Blogsy. We thought the guide post that appears the first time you launch Blogsy would help users out. And the same basic information can be found under settings->FAQ. Or the how-to videos can be found here

    If you have a suggestion as to how we could make it more obvious please let us know. We really do want to make Blogsy the very best blogging app out there.

  2. Lance

    Thanks for the swift response. I'll try to pull together some coherent thoughts on how it could be made easier from my perspective and get back to you.

  3. How do you delete drafts? I have gazillion of them for every time I inadvertently click the + sign!

  4. I had to ask the Devs the answer to that one. They told me:

    "To delete any post - local or published just go to the listing and slide you finger right and you will get the delete button. We thought this was obvious because it is a standard UI feature you find in many apps. But I guess we need to be more clear about how it is done. This is the same if you want to delete blogs or photo/video services you have set up."