Thursday, 21 July 2011

One button WOW

Want to know what's wrong with the WOW Ironman challenge?  Not silly enough, I say. All this "no talents, gear or glyphs" nonsense is just EZ-mode. If you're a real man orc like Erom (pictured above with his trusty boar Varian), you like a bit of a challenge.

Erom is on a mission. To get to max level with all the constraints of the ironman and one tiny extra one. No training - no abilities, no professions*. Erom doesn't need any of that sissy book learning - just Arcane Shot and an uncontrollable AI pet.

Let's see how far he can get. In his pants...

Edit: I've decided to call this the "Rusty man challenge".

* Apart from riding that is. Even Erom isn't that stupid.


  1. You know playing hunter makes anything even more EZ-mode right? Do that with basically any other class and you're in for a real challenge! ;)

  2. Arcane shot will get you a long way for sure.

    Not sure if I would ever go iron man like that but it sure seems like a fun personal challenge.

    Good luck.

  3. @Zinn

    You've got me thinking now. What would be the absolute worst class to try that with?

  4. Tough one actually. I think perhaps a class that doesn't have a pet and that doesn't have any (or at least not very good) heals. Some classes rely more on their gear than others. Warrior? Mage? Those would be my top choices I think.

  5. I suspect it may have to be warrior. Can you imagine having to go through 85 levels using just Strike?


  6. This is pure WIN, I love it! I want to do it and I hope you continue updating us on your progress!