Monday, 5 July 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged

that a single man in possession of a full set of epixx, must be in want of a wife.

Pilf's post about WOW Hunks makes an important point - that, contrary to basement-dwelling clich√©, many male WOW players are in fact highly eligible. Thinking about my own group of RL friends who play WOW, there are surveyors, managers, engineers, charity workers and journalists.They're all nice guys, none of them live with their mothers and they all have active social lives. Add to that the Greater Internet Romantic Hero effect and you've got what seems like quite a catch.

That's great if you're a female gamer, because you also have a shared interest, but not so wonderful if you're the kind of girl who hates computers and likes to settle down for an evening watching Friends. If start playing WOW just to meet men and don't actually enjoy it yourself, you're in danger of becoming a WOW widow.

Besides, all those so-called men are women IRL anyway!

-- Agnetha


  1. Three points:

    1) Ok I take back my comment about reciprocating the linkage love... Ahem. Now I'm embarassed.

    2) I'm starting to think that you have a thing for Colin Firth as you use photos of him at ever available opportunity, it seems.

    3) If you insist on giving my post first link, having quoted what is effectively a marriage proposal you should be quite scared :D

  2. Colin who? That's a picture of me :p

  3. That is true actually :)

    1) Aww cute

    2) Shut up Pilf!! :P MOAR Colin Firth pics! It's the only reason I read this blog!!

    3) *giggles* bwahaha *waits for ring pics*

  4. Gosh!! In which case you require a WoW Hunk post all of your very own!!

  5. and @ Issy

    1) I'd like to point out that Sven did that deliberately to make me look like a meanie :(

    2) Apparently that *is* Sven.

    3) I promise if Mr Darcy proposes (that's the *real* Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth, not Sven's fantasy *cough*) you can buy a new hat!!

  6. Perhaps instead of having an "Open Sunday" post like everybody else, I should just have "Colin Firth Sunday".

    Or perhaps not ... it would be too depressing to see the reader spike each week ;)

  7. @Pilf
    If Sven really is Mr Darcy, consider this a challenge!! :D