Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Too ... much ... temptation ...

I'd read that a new wave of Cataclysm beta invites was being sent out, but I hadn't received one. To be honest I wasn't sure if I really wanted to join. I enjoy beta testing games and trying to give constructive feedback, but I was wary of "spoiling" the game on release by having explored the new content.

Still, that temptation was there, so I logged on to by account to take a peak (not to download it or anything, just to see ... honest) and there it was - a second game listed on my account, the Cataclysm beta. Following it through brought me to the option to download it.

I am weak...

No, really, I'm doing it for the greater good. They probably don't have that many Mac users in beta. I'm ... helping ... yes, that's it!

I have less willpower than Lor'themar at a paperclip convention.

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