Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cataclysm beta: random thoughts

Comments on the Cataclysm beta that don't actually tell you much about it!
  1. I've decided to go Alliance in the beta. I am naturally "For The Horde!", so this way I can test without spoiling the real game for me.
  2. This allows me to play a gnome. I love gnomes. For me, the Alliance is basically gnomes + blah blah blah.
  3. Where's my gnome starter zone? I'm stuck next to all those scruffy beardy fellows who reek of booze!
  4. Playing the game "naked" after being spoiled by addons all these years is a very strange feeling. How am I supposed to know my arcane missiles finisher has procced without power auras flashing a big light in the middle of the screen for me? What? Look at my action bars? That's crazy talk!
  5. Worgen look absolutely fantastic. It really brings home how old the models for the other races are. Please upgrade them to match, Blizzard. Pretty please!
  6. A serious fashion mistake has been made. Gilneans have been given top hats. Clearly goblin starter gear should include a top hat, cane, monocle and tuxedo. My first mission when the game goes live will be to acquire these for my goblin.
  7. Starter gear in general is gorgeous now.
  8. With all the clever phasing in the new zones, how do the other races get rep with the new factions? They can't do the starter quests.
  9. The built-in objective tracker is now almost as good as Quest Helper. I suspect I will do without QH in the expansion.
  10. Whilst it isn't bug free, the beta client is extremely stable. It's certainly better than Vanguard and AOC were at launch. Sing hoh! for Blizzard's quality control team. Well done, chaps - I suggest you ask for a pay rise - I understand Apple are looking for some good quality control people right now!
  11. The mockney accents in the Worgen starter zone make Dick van Dyke look like Olivier.
  12. The test servers aren't RP. Aaaaaaahhhh! The names! They burn my eyes!
  13. Heirlooms, on a beta server? That's a bit over-enthusiastic, isn't it?
  14. You have been disconnected from the server...


  1. You're so lucky! I keep checking my account but it seems I'm not worthy of a Beta key *sniffles* Oh well. Glad some people are getting them though - seems like a lot of fun even if things are still a bit bugged.

    And yes - Top Hats for everyone, please!

  2. Things are a little bugged (mostly server-side as far as I can tell), but that's what betas are for. I'm still impressed by how stable things are overall.

  3. @ Sven - "Worgen look absolutely fantastic." - Aww I knew there was a Twilight fan-boi lurking deep inside you. my offer to lend you my books still stands. It's ok, you don't have to thank me. Just knowing that your inner wolfie/vampyr has been outed is thanks enough :)

    PS - We all need top hats. Regardless of race, m'kay.

  4. >_> weres and vamps existed long before that twilight woman came along and started ruining the genre

    wait, what? you cannot take your old characters through new starting zones??? /wail

    the real vamp/were aficionado.